Kamis, 24 Desember 2015

romance is a genre of prose most first

On a variety of prose literature arose a new genre is romance, which did not exist before. Indonesian first romance book published by Balai Pustaka entitled Azab and the Passion of the work of Merari Siregar in 1920. Roman Azab and this passion by experts regarded as the birth of the first romance of Indonesian literature. Puisi Kita saja Fill Azab romance and passion are no longer tell things that are fantastic and istanasentris, but the painting on the right things happen in the community who requested attention to groups of parents about the consequences of forced marriage and indigenous issues. The contents of the summary romance Azab and the Passion as follows: Love is not up between the two young children (Aminuddin and Mariamin), because the odds of parents. They love each other since attending school, but ultimately each must marry someone who was not his own choice. Cerpen The youth (Aminuddin) was forced to accept her choice of parents, with the result that there is no happiness in his life. Party girl (Mariamin) was forced to marry the man who was loved, which ended with divorce and Mariamin die prematurely due to languish. Romance genre actually reached the peak when the book was published Siti Nurbaya Marah Rusli work in 1922. The author was not only questioned the real problems, but argued that living human beings. Cerpen Cinta In the roman Siti Nurbaya not only portray the romance alone, also questioned polygamy, boast nobility, customs that are not in accordance with his time, equality between women and men in determining his soul mate, the assumption that as long as there money all intents certainly achieved. The problems that were there in the community. After that, add flood of books and dozens of authors, which generally produce novel theme Siti Nurbaya directing direction. That literary group known as Generation Balai Pustaka or Force 20. Genre prose is the result of Force 20 at first mostly romance. Then, there are also short stories and drama.